Welcome to TRENDYCROC.COM – the land of eye-catching and unique footwear items. Trendy Croc- an E-commerce Platform was established on 15th, August 2020 in The US. We mainly operate in designing and printing custom Crocs on customer’s demand.
It can be said that nowadays we’re living in a strong wave of globalization, personal stamps are on the way to fading and gradual disappearance. Therefore, print-on-demand service (POD) has become one of the most essential ones today which can preserve and honor the personal impression. This prompted us to create a platform where personalization comes first – Trendy Croc.
With the ideal of becoming one of the famous brands, the leading companies in the POD industry, serving customers the best products & services on the market today, we always attempt to improve ourselves with the motto “customer is god, a business must care about the customer’s experience”.

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Trendy Croc's business structure

Looking at the structure map you can see that Trendy Croc is divided clearly. There is one CEO, and three main exceptional managers from design, marketing, and customer support apartments and one of the most important parts of Trendy Croc is the enthusiastic staff of each apartment.
At the helm of our company, our CEO provides the strategic direction and ensures that our mission and values resonate throughout the organization. With a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking mindset, our CEO inspires the entire team to strive for greatness and achieve our goals.

So, Who are behind

Ethan Harrison


Ethan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our organization. His impressive educational background is a testament to his commitment to excellence. Holding advanced degrees in Business Administration and Leadership from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Ethan has honed his strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

Ethan has amassed a wealth of experience in running successful businesses across diverse industries. His keen business acumen, coupled with a visionary approach, has consistently driven growth and innovation within our company.
Ethan’s leadership style is characterized by a deep understanding of market dynamics, a commitment to fostering a positive corporate culture, and an unwavering dedication to achieving both short-term goals and long-term sustainability. Under Ethan’s guidance, our organization is poised for continued success and groundbreaking achievements in the ever-evolving business landscape.
Beyond his role as a manager, Ethan stands as an inspirational leader, motivating and empowering our staff to reach their utmost potential. His leadership style goes beyond the boardroom, fostering an environment where every team member is encouraged to excel. During his leisure time, Ethan indulges in his passion for sports, particularly enjoying friendly matches of football and golf. This commitment to both professional excellence and personal well-being reflects his holistic approach to leadership, making him a role model for our entire team

Lisa Nguyen

Marketing Manager

At TrendyCroc, Ms.Lisa plays a really important role – Marketing manager. Lisa Nguyen graduated from a prestigious university in Australia- the University of Melbourne, where she earned her degree in Marketing with honors. It can be said that Lisa is one of the first members to build our E-commerce platform. We are proud to have Lisa Nguyen as our Manager, whose dedication and enthusiasm shine through in everything she does. With a wealth of experience and a passion for creativity, Lisa not only excels in her role but also goes above and beyond to support her team and the company as a whole.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the marketing field, Lisa brings a dynamic and innovative approach to our marketing strategies. Her passion for creativity and her keen eye for detail makes her a valuable asset to our team. Lisa’s dedication to staying ahead of the latest trends and her ability to connect with our audience on a deeper level has played a pivotal role in driving the success of our brand. With her strategic mindset and unwavering commitment to excellence, Lisa is instrumental in shaping the future of and ensuring our continued growth and success in the competitive market.

Lisa’s positive attitude and unwavering enthusiasm are contagious, motivating everyone around her to strive for excellence and embrace new challenges with confidence. Even when brainstorming innovative marketing strategies, collaborating with cross-functional teams, or mentoring colleagues, Lisa’s energy and commitment inspire others to reach their full potential.

Steven Jones

Design Manager

When it comes to unique and trendy designs on our platform, it’s hard to ignore the importance of our creative and enthusiastic design team. And with this part, we’d like to introduce a talented leader who stands behind a wonderful apartment. Let’s meet Mr. Steven Jones- the design manager of Trendy Croc. After graduating from the National University Of Singapore with a major in Graphic Design, Steven’s passion for design and a keen eye for detail have propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

He is highly proficient in industry-standard design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign,… Especially, with graphic design skills, Steven has a great understanding of graphic design principles, including color theory, typography, composition, and branding. He can create visually compelling designs that effectively communicate the intended message and resonate with the target.

Before working as a design manager at Trendy Croc, Steven worked with renowned fashion brands and collaborated with top designers to create captivating and trend-setting collections. His dedication to staying ahead of the latest trends and pushing the boundaries of creativity has earned him recognition and acclaim within the industry.

As our Design Manager, Steven leads a well-skilled team of designers in bringing our vision to life. From concept development to product execution, Steven oversees every step of the design process, ensuring that each collection reflects our commitment to quality, style, and innovation.

With Steven’s leadership and artistic direction, Trendy Croc continues to push the envelope and deliver cutting-edge designs that captivate our customers and set us apart in the market. We are honored to have Steven as a valued member of our team, and we look forward to continuing to inspire and delight our customers with his exceptional designs.

Emma Downey 

Support Manager

Emma Downey Support manager

To give customers an enjoyable shopping experience, Trendy Croc always sets the quality of customer service as one of our top priorities. To do that, having a talented and enthusiastic support manager is really important. In terms of support manager, we excitedly introduce our enthusiastic one – Ms. Emma Downey. With a passion for customer service and a knack for problem-solving, Emma ensures that every interaction with our valued customers is nothing short of exceptional.

Emma brings a wealth of experience to her role, having worked in customer support for several years. Her commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of our customers make her an invaluable asset to our team. Known for her friendly demeanor and approachable nature, Emma goes above and beyond to provide timely and effective solutions to any inquiries or concerns our customers may have. From assisting with order inquiries, and resolving issues with deliveries, to providing product recommendations, Emma is always ready to lend a helping hand with a smile.

In addition to her exceptional customer service skills, Emma is a natural leader who fosters a positive and collaborative work environment within our support team. Her ability to inspire and motivate her colleagues ensures that our support team operates smoothly and efficiently, delivering top-notch service to our customers day in and day out.

When she has spare time, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors, going to coffee shop, exploring new hiking trails, and indulging in her passion for photography. Her adventurous spirit and creative eye bring a unique perspective to her role and enrich the overall customer experience.

At Trendy Croc, we’re fortunate to have Ms. Emma leading our customer support team with professionalism, compassion, and a genuine commitment to excellence. With Emma by our side, we’re confident that our customers will always receive the exceptional service they deserve.

Chloe Carney

Content Specialist

In a world where content is king, besides strong leadership, the role of the content team is also significant for the success of a business. When it comes to the content marketing team, we proudly introduce Ms. Chloe Carney, she is not merely a writer; she is an architect of engagement, a curator of ideas, and a strategic mind behind the scenes. She wears the crown with grace and expertise. With a keen understanding of our brand ethos and a passion for storytelling, she brings to life the soul of our organization through her meticulously crafted words and compelling visuals.

In February 2021, Chloe Carney started working at Trendy Croc as a content specialist. It’s not exaggerated to say that she is the perfect piece for the team because of her deep knowledge of online marketing and internet shopping. Chloe has a strong passion for writing and traveling. She loves to learn new things and explore strange lands in the world.


– Bachelor’s Degree In Marketing from New York University (GPA: 3.45)

– Language: English, French, and German

Working experience

– Writing Collaborator at Vogue Magazine (2017- 2019)

Chloe’s journey into the world of content creation began as a writing collaborator at Vogue Magazine from 2017 to 2019. During this period, she contributed insightful articles that reflected her expertise in marketing and her keen eye for emerging fashion trends.

– Translator at TransPerfect Agency (2019- 2021)

In 2019, Chloe transitioned her skills to the realm of translation at TransPerfect Translation Agency. Her linguistic prowess allowed her to translate over 120 English documents into French, with a focus on marketing strategies and fashion-related content.

– Content Specialist ( 2021- Current)

Currently, Chloe Carney serves as a dedicated content creator at Leveraging her rich working experience, she brings a unique blend of marketing insights and creative storytelling to the brand. Her role involves crafting engaging content that resonates with a diverse audience, contributing to the promise of attracting more customers to in the future.

Contact her via email at [email protected] or Linkedin user @chloecarney 

Company culture is the essence of who we are and how we operate. At Trendy Croc, we take immense pride in fostering a vibrant and inclusive work environment that inspires greatness and brings out the best in our employees. 

Great bussiness culture at Trendy Croc

Trendy Croc’s culture is built on a foundation of respect, integrity, and collaboration. We highly evaluate the unique perspectives and talents of each team member and celebrate diversity in all its forms. Together, we create a supportive and empowering atmosphere where everyone feels valued, appreciated, and heard.
Transparency is at the core of our culture. We suppose in open communication, where ideas flow freely, and feedback is embraced as a catalyst for growth. Our leadership team is accessible and approachable, fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect.
Innovation is in our DNA. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, challenge themselves, and embrace change as an opportunity for growth. Our culture nurtures a spirit of creativity and continuous improvement, allowing us to stay at the forefront of our industry.
Trendy Croc’s culture also emphasizes learning and development. We invest in our employees’ growth, providing access to training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. We believe that a culture of learning leads to a culture of excellence.

Above all, our culture is about the people. We believe that a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork propels us toward our collective goals. We celebrate each other’s successes and support one another through challenges, creating a family-like bond within our organization.


Products and services available at Trendy Croc

We are always perfecting, and improving every day to be more suitable for customers. With a team of energetic, creative, and non-stop updating staff, and leaders with many years of experience in the field of POD along with the operating criteria “ Customer satisfaction is the top priority” we guarantee you can get the best experience when using our product & services.


We take pride in offering a wide assortment of Crocs that are made just for you. At Trendy Croc, we strongly believe that fashion is better to be both unique and functional. Thus, we are always innovating, updating new trends, and selecting product materials in the most rigorous way to create products that give customers great shopping experiences. 

Whether you’re looking for classic designs, funny patterns, or themed Crocs for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, or holidays, we have it all! Our Crocs collection caters to every age, from adorable kids’ Crocs to stylish options for teens and adults. With a focus on quality and durability, our Crocs are perfect for everyday wear, outdoor adventures, or simply walking in style. It can be said that, what makes Trendy Croc different from other brands in the same range is our product diversity. If you are a person who has a great love for animal and nature, don’t miss our fantastic collection of Animal Crocs. In which you can find our impressive designs of Cow Crocs, Horse Crocs, Flamingo Crocs, or Deer Crocs,…On the other hands, our Job Crocs will be a wise choice in case you want to honor and express your respect for what you are doing. With various subcategories of Firefighter Crocs, Farmer Crocs, Doctor Crocs, Nurse Crocs,… choosing a fantastic pair of Crocs for you is easy as pie.
Meanwhile, our Anime Crocs will be what you cannot miss out if you are a die-hard fan of interesting Japanese animation movies. Inspired by lots of famous anime movies and characters, One Piece Crocs, Naruto Crocs, Studio Ghibli Crocs, Dragon Ball Crocs, Pokemon Crocs,…are available at
Apart from these outstanding selections we mentioned above, you can definitely own your perfect pair of Crocs from Movie Crocs, Food Crocs, Fruit Crocs, Holiday Crocs, Camping Crocs, Fishing Crocs and so on.


More than just a fashion brand, we desire to become your close friend who can accompany, listen, and understand you. It is the reason why we offer custom printing and personalization services. Whether you want to add a logo, a name, or a special design to your Crocs we’ve got what you want. Our enthusiastic design team will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind design that super captures your personality and style. Share with us your story, your experience, and your need, everything left is ours

Print-on-demand service at Trendy Croc

Comes with POD service, and we also offer international delivery. So no matter where you are, just shop with confidence. At present, our international shipping services currently operate in over 200 countries and islands worldwide. How wonderful is that when Trendy Croc can bring you great value and service? 

Worldwide shipping

We will never stop trying to meet the needs of all our customers and spread service beyond all expectations anywhere in the world. Customer satisfaction is our happiness, and we’re incredibly excited to see how happy you are with this.

When using our products & services you will enjoy many benefits such as the trendiest and highest-quality products, custom 1:1 items, and #24/7 dedicated support customer service( contact us)


Business valuable of Trendy Croc

The reality has shown that the values of a company selling products & services are fundamental principles that guide its actions, decisions, and interactions with customers, employees, and partners. These values define the company’s identity, culture, and overall approach to conducting business. At, we’re keeping and maintaining some key values:

  • Customer-Centricity: Putting customers at the heart of everything we do, we argue that a customer-centric company is committed to delivering exceptional experiences, meeting customer needs, and exceeding expectations.
  • Quality and Excellence: Trendy Croc value quality, and excellence and strive to offer products of the highest standard. we prioritize quality control, product innovation, and continuous improvement to maintain customer trust.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Embracing innovation and creativity, Trendy Croc stays at the forefront of its industry. We always invest in research and development to offer innovative products that cater to evolving customer demands.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: We encourage teamwork and collaboration to foster a supportive work environment. Employees work together to achieve common goals and contribute to the business’s success.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth: Valuing continuous learning and growth, we invest in employee development and encourage personal and professional advancement.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Trendy Croc develops adaptability and resilience and can navigate through challenges and changes in the market quickly to respond to shifts in customer preferences and industry trends.
  • Transparency and Open Communication: Promoting transparency and open communication, we establish strong relationships with customers, employees, and stakeholders, fostering trust and mutual understanding.
  • Passion and Dedication: Demonstrating passion and dedication, our teams go above and beyond to deliver exceptional products and services. They take pride in their work and strive for excellence.

To sum up, a company’s values are a compass that guides its journey toward success and sustainable growth. By adhering to these core principles, Trendy Croc feels confident in building a strong foundation for lasting customer relationships, employee engagement, and a positive impact on society. Values shape the company’s culture, define its reputation, and ultimately contribute to its long-term prosperity.


Providing a one-stop destination for Crocs enthusiasts to discover and embrace their unique style is the great mission that Trendy Croc believes that we should do.

Mission of Trendy Croc

In our viewpoint, everyone has the right to access comfortable and stylish footwear that complements their individuality and lifestyle. Our enthusiastic teams curate numerous collections of Crocs, featuring fresh designs, trendy patterns, and themed editions to cater to various tastes and preferences. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our mission is to become the ultimate go-to platform for Crocs lovers worldwide, inspiring them to step into the world of comfort and fashion with confidence and pride.


Trendy Croc defines the success of a business depends on various factors in which identifying a clear vision occupies a vital part. Here we divide vision into Short-term and Long-term Vision.

Vision of Trendy Croc

* Short-Term Vision:

Our short-term vision for the website selling custom Crocs is to establish ourselves as a go-to destination for Crocs enthusiasts, providing them with a diverse and hot collection of Crocs to choose from. In the short term, we will prioritize expanding our product offerings, improving website navigation, and ensuring prompt and efficient customer service.

* Long-Term Vision:

Our long-term vision is to become a leading global brand in the custom Crocs industry, synonymous with quality, style, and individuality. We aspire to continuously innovate and offer a wide range of Crocs that cater to various preferences and occasions such as Valentine Crocs, Father’s Day Crocs & Mother’s Day Crocs, Halloween Crocs, Christmas Crocs, etc. Building strong relationships with our customers, we aim to foster a passionate community of Crocs lovers who can find their perfect pair on our website.


All in all, we are thrilled to embark on this exciting new venture with the launch of our website, and products. Our team has poured passion, dedication, and expertise into creating a platform that embodies our values and mission.

As we introduce ourselves to the online world, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our visitors, customers, and supporters. Your interest in our website fuels our determination to deliver the best possible experience and showcase the unique offerings we have in store for you.

Our commitment to providing exceptional products, outstanding customer service, and a user-friendly interface is unwavering. We are eager to grow alongside you, listen to your feedback, and continuously improve to meet your evolving needs.

So, welcome aboard! Together, let’s explore, discover, and make the most of this new journey. Our website is not just a destination; it’s a place where dreams become realities, and connections are forged.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our story now and future. We can’t wait to witness the wonders that lie ahead.

With excitement and anticipation,


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